Wroclaw PolandBarry Pickard
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Wrocław, Poland - Travel Guide

Similar to the more famous Krakow, the city of Wrocław is home to stunning architecture and fascinating history and well worth at least a long weekend to take in its many attractions.
Glasgow ScotlandBarry Pickard
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Glasgow, Scotland - Travel Guide

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is often overlooked by the traveller in favour of its more famous neighbour Edinburgh. It’s true that Scotland’s capital may have its castle and perhaps more history, but Glasgow is a vibrant city, with fantastic museums, restaurants and nightlife.....
Prager Wildsee
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Trekking in the Dolomites - Travel Guide

My first encounter with the Italian Dolomites was as a young teenager on a family European trip.  The blend of spectacular alpine beauty and Italian flavors and attitude stuck with me as a place I always wanted to return.  When my…
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Amsterdam - Travel Guide

The "Venice of North“, as they call the capital of Netherlands, is a place that really differs from the most of the big cities in Europe. If you are for the first time in Amsterdam and have only a few days to see the most of it, this guide…