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Zamość, Poland - Travel Guide

Initially we were unaware of the delights of Zamość, but a travel colleague of ours who specialises in visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites brought this delightful Renaissance-styled town to our attention. So, when we were planning our road trip of southern Poland, Zamość was one of the first locations on list. Zamość was founded in the 16th century by the chancellor Jan Zamoysky on the trade route linking western and northern Europe with the Black Sea. Starting from scratch, the town was modelled on the Italian Renaissance theories of what made an ‘ideal city’. The task to create this town was assigned to the famous architect from Padua, Bernando Morando. Thankfully, the town has retained most of its original features and is easily covered on foot by today’s visitors.
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Latvia - Travel Guide

We had a week to discover Latvia and see as much of this Baltic State as possible. Our first few days were spent exploring Riga, but we had also hired a car and had planned three daytrips from the capital. Latvia is a relatively small country, with a decent road infrastructure which is a great deal quieter than we are used to. Perhaps it is just as well that there was not much traffic, since, coming from the UK, we are more used to driving on the “wrong side of the road”.
Riga, LatviaStandbyAdventures.com
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Riga, Latvia - Travel Guide

We found Riga and Latvia very friendly and our budget stretched very far. There are many faces of Riga, from its Teutonic origins, its outstanding Art Nouveau period, the depravities of the Nazi occupation and Communist rule, through to its bright new future as this proud city grasps its new opportunities.
Brussels, Belgium
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Brussels, Belgium - Travel Guide

It is often said that Belgium is in the heart of Europe, but little did we expect that we would leave with Brussels firmly planted in our hearts. Brussels is an historic, but equally modern city. We found many of the city’s attractions situated in the centre of the city, around the magnificent Grand-Place, but we soon found out that the city’s suburbs held Art Deco gems, peaceful parks and interesting museums. With a good and regular train service, we found Brussels was also an ideal launch pad for exploring the rest of the country, with the like of Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp within an hour's train journey, although more about these beautiful cities in future guides!
Puerto-Madero-Buenos Aires-Argentina
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Buenos Aires - Travel Guide

In Buenos Aires you dance the tango, visit your football club Boca Juniors in the colorful neighborhood of La Boca, stroll through the stalls of the market in San Telmo and dive into the bustling nightlife until late into the night. Welcome to the 'Paris of South America'! During your holiday in Buenos Aires you quickly discover where the capital of Argentina derives its nickname. The grandeur drips from the city center, the parks are designed to Paris' model and the nightlife has no equal in the world.
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Berlin, Germany - Travel Guide

Berlin - a full visitor’s guide The German capital Berlin is an unique city because of its history, in which the wall physically divided the city into two zones for about 28 years. After the Cold War and the reunification of the German…
Zermatt Switzerland
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Zermatt, Switzerland - Travel Guide

Zermatt has received the label of ‘mondain ski resort’. Reason is that this small mountaineering village lies at the base of the Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most iconic mountain. Though everything is expensive here, you simply can’t miss the view on the peak and the many attractions Zermatt has to offer.
Wroclaw PolandBarry Pickard
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Wrocław, Poland - Travel Guide

Similar to the more famous Krakow, the city of Wrocław is home to stunning architecture and fascinating history and well worth at least a long weekend to take in its many attractions.
Glasgow ScotlandBarry Pickard
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Glasgow, Scotland - Travel Guide

The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is often overlooked by the traveller in favour of its more famous neighbour Edinburgh. It’s true that Scotland’s capital may have its castle and perhaps more history, but Glasgow is a vibrant city, with fantastic museums, restaurants and nightlife.....
Prager Wildsee
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Trekking in the Dolomites - Travel Guide

Trekking in the Dolomites My first encounter with the Italian Dolomites was as a young teenager on a family European trip.  The blend of spectacular alpine beauty and Italian flavors and attitude stuck with me as a place I always wanted…