Toruń, Poland – Travel Guide

In a country full of hidden gems, the Polish city of Toruń, or Thorn as it was known in the middle ages, must be one of the best. This historical city on the Vistula River is only a three-hour drive from Warsaw, which makes it a great day out if staying in the capital. Alternatively, there is plenty to see and do in this beautiful and compact city, so a long weekend staying in Toruń could be easily justified.

Long Beach to Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, Guide

The stretch of coast going from Long Beach in the east, round to Palos Verdes in the west, may seem a long way from the bright lights and razzamatazz of Hollywood or Downtown LA, but we found it a varied and interesting part of Los Angeles to explore just the same.
Isle of Skye,
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Isle of Skye, Scotland – Travel Guide

The Isle of Skye is one of the most popular visitor destinations in Scotland, and is probably its most visited island, especially since a bridge connecting the island to the mainland was opened in 1995. Easier access to Skye has led to its own problems, causing a strain on the infrastructure, especially with regards to accommodation, which books out fast during the summer months. Getting around this relatively small island is fairly easy if you have access to a car or if you are on a coach tour, but don’t expect to see its major attractions if you want to visit using public transport.
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Memphis, USA – Travel Guide

Memphis is synonymous with Elvis, Rock ’n’ Roll, The Blues, BBQ and Southern hospitality and the city certainly lived up to its reputation. The visit to Graceland was the focus of our trip, as indeed it is for many visitors to Memphis, but we found that this city has so much more to offer. Granted, there are many attractions in Memphis connected with Elvis Pressley, but The King was by no means the only musical star connected with the city. Musicians such as B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis, W.C. Handy, Johnny Cash, Isaac Hayes and… Justin Timberlake(!) have left their imprint on the city that can boast of being the ‘Home of the Blues’ and the ‘Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll’
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Copenhagen, Denmark – Travel Guide

Copenhagen is a fast-developing tourist destination, which has all the canal charm of Amsterdam, but without the hordes of tourists. As we found out, the Danish capital has many beautiful canals and waterways, which are dotted with award-winning restaurants and neo-classical buildings. Often described as “the City of Spires”, we found Copenhagen a cultural and appealing city, which was small enough to traverse on foot, but big enough to boast a whole manner of different and exciting attractions.
Przemśyl, Poland - Travel GuideStandbyAdventures
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Przemśyl, Poland – Travel Guide

Before researching our latest trip to Poland, we must admit that we had never heard of Przemśyl, let alone tried to pronounce its name. Przemśyl is a small, but historically significant, city of almost 70,000 inhabitants in south-eastern Poland. It is the second-oldest city in southern Poland (after Kraków) and appears to date from as early as the 8th century. Przemyśl is in an ideal geographic location, laying in an area connecting mountains and lowlands known as the Przemyśl Gate, with open lines of transportation, and fertile soil. It also lies on the navigable San River. Important trade routes that connected Central and Eastern Europe passed through Przemyśl and ensured the city's importance and prosperity.
Wester Ross, Scotland
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Wester Ross, Scotland – Travel Guide

Wester Ross is a stunning area in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland, from the small town of Ullapool in the north, down to the hamlet of Dornie in the south. The land in between is a mix of mountains, sandy beaches and castles, with the North Coast 500 road running straight through this region. Wester Ross simply takes our breath away and we would highly recommend travellers to Scotland to consider hiring a car and exploring this amazing landscape.
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Turin, Italy – Travel Guide

Turin is a prosperous industrial city in shadow of the Alps and is perhaps more known for FIAT automobiles than tourist attractions. Turin tends to get passed by when travellers visit Italy, preferring the delights of Rome, Florence or Venice. However, this does a great disservice to Turin which we found to be packed with stunning nineteenth century architecture, glorious piazzas and opulent churches. Many of the city’s attractions are centred around the magnificent royal palace, so it is quite easy to get a great taste of Turin within a couple of days of being there. Winter was approaching when we visited, leaving the city cool and foggy in the evenings, but that only added to the atmosphere!
Lower Manhattan
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Lower Manhattan – Travel Guide

Manhattan is a relatively small island, but is absolutely packed with interesting attractions and sites. So how does the traveller tackle this sightseeing Mecca? We found the best way is to split the island geographically and concentrate on each area in turn
Sutherland, Scotland
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Sutherland, Scotland – Travel Guide

Sutherland is the most North Westerly area of Scotland and this sparsely populated historic county has arguably the most dramatic and awe-inspiring landscape in the whole of Europe. This area, once settled by the Vikings, is difficult for the visitor to traverse, with few roads, of which are often single lane at times. However, over the years, we have persevered and travelled throughout this stunning region of the Highlands and we have been well rewarded