Hello fellow Travel Junkies!!

We are sure that all of you have traveled some, but maybe not the Standby way of getting around. Here we would like to introduce some of the more helpful sites and apps that we use get to places as well as try and maximize the stay and experience.

THE PLAN  OK- We don’t always have a plan we just see 24 open seats to somewhere interesting and next thing you know we are (hopefully) sipping champagne or more likely making two new friends…(the middle seat is called the friendship seat for a reason).

When you do have the luxury of planning a trip these are the things we think you should be asking youself

When/Where/Who – a start, going solo, have a place in mind, does tomorrow look good?

If not solo who will be traveling with you? How will they get there -Fellow NonRev? Buddies, ZEDS,  maybe meetup cause sometimes there are only a few seats open and it helps to take different routes.

It seems in life for me I either have Time or Money, very seldom both at the same time… where are you right now and what is more important for this venture?

Start learning your hubs. Who flies into where. (partial list at bottom)

Start studying the best days to travel. A few years ago I was studying routes to Europe and found that on every Thursday one of the Airlines was taking a ghost ship to Paris once a week to have a ship in place for mechanical problems and we could list on it.

Try and find the best days to travel to your destination, there are great tools to research and we will touch on many of them below.

Watch Seasonal Flights. When the routes start and end they can be jewels as the ridership is not yet established.

Have a back up plan for your back up plan and don’t be afraid to throw all that in the trash and go on your gut.

Don’t panic!  VERY VERY IMPORTANT. You got bumped – so everyone does – take a deep breath, maybe an adult beverage – go to plan Q. Or possible look around could be a cool place to explore.

Don’t be afraid to switch Airlines or even modes of transportation.

Dont – Dont check a bag, learn the art of carry on (better to buy new underwear). We will devote an entire section to this in the hear future.

Use your resources – this site – friends (new and old) look online – ask strangers for help. Have another adult beverage. It will work out

If you have some sites that you find useful please send us a suggestion.

Destinations and Trip Planning

Beaches, Mountains, Cruises, Food tours – so much to see where to start.

At some point we hope StandbyAdventures will be a starting point, but we are not there yet.

Here are our other suggestions.

Flight Status and Tracking


Airport Departures And Arrivals allows you to query any airport by carrier and time to see arrivals/departures.  It is awesome to be able to chose a carrier and determine all possible routes when you are stuck.

Unfortunately this tool has moved to a paid service which as a struggling web developer I get. If you are planning to non-rev a lot in month it probable is worth the fee.


We use the free tools primarily provided on the home page. Enter the flight information and the tool will provide real time statics of the flight. You can also track the flight backwards to see if it is delayed and where it currently is. Some historical data is also included.


Still a bit buggy and not always totally accurate this is a tool you can use to find all the possible connections between city pairs. You can enter carrier and number of hops. We use it to get possible routes and then research deeper.


OK we have all had to do it,but this site will help you know where TSA won’t bug you or where the dark corners are or (just important) where there are chairs where there are no arms. Also some tips like the sleep room in MSP with cots. Also some airports have sleeping rooms you can rent by the hour… only sleeping though… LOL

Free Airport Wireless Networks

This Google map list Free Wireless networks around the world. It also will give strength and known passwords. If you know of ones not listed you can submit it to the database.

Seat Purchase

GTFO Flights

There’s a whole world out there to see. Fortunately, declining oil prices paired with increased airline competition has made “now” the perfect time to scratch places off your bucket list. At GTFO Flights, we scour the web for ridiculously-low, often short-lived airfares so you can opportunistically GTFO on a dime—oftentimes at more than half off! Srsly.


The company was formed in 2004[6] by three information technology professionals, Gareth Williams, Barry Smith and Bonamy Grimes, after one of them was frustrated by the difficulties of finding cheap flights to ski resorts.[7] Skyscanner was first developed and released in 2002. In 2003, the first employee was hired to assist with site development. The Edinburgh office was opened in 2004.


Travelocity was the first website that allowed consumers the ability to reserve, book, and purchase tickets without the help of a travel agent or broker.

Tour Planners

Database driven that only has top tourist spots that builds travel itineraries.


Self guided walking holidays, cycling holidays and active holidays with Macs Adventure. Specialists in self guided walking holidays in England, Scotland, Italy, France and throughout Europe.



If you have not already heard of Airbnb it is a great site  to find accommodations of just about any thing you can imagine such as room shares, entire houses, house boats, tree houses for just about any price point .  We have primarily used it for the US and Europe but have heard from other Travel Junkies good results from other places in the world.

Our biggest advise is to carefully read ALL the reviews before booking so you know what you are getting into.

As a selfish plug we Airbnb in our home in Steamboat Springs. If your travels include a trip to our corner of the world hit us up – mention this site for a discount.

Steamboat Springs Host AirBnb



The Weather Underground Organization (WUO), commonly known as the Weather Underground, was an American militant radical left-wing organization founded on the Ann Arbor campus of the University of Michigan. Originally called Weatherman, the group became known colloquially as the Weathermen.

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