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Total votes for the Contest "I want to go there – Travel Guide Contest" : 3

To enter or suggest a contest is easy, all you have to do is:

  • Be a member of StandbyAdventures in good standing
  • Post a Travel Guide of at least 2000 words (all guides must be unique content)
    • Guides can be for any destination or travel tips you wish but we suggest they include: off the beaten path restaurants, lodging, travel, adventures, fun excursions and tips that are not easily Googled
  • Include at least 8 images (you must have rights to distribute all images)
    • Use descriptive images that help tell the story

How do I win?

Results are based on:

  • 40% – Social Media votes
    • the total number of Social Media interactions to the Travel Guide
  • 30% – Other contest participants’ votes
    • you can vote on other travel guides in the contest, just not your own
  • 30% – 3 StandbyAdventures judges

3 judges will be picked at random.  You can apply to judge, as long as it is not a contest you have entered

What do I win?

The grand prize award includes everything that sponsors have pledged for that contest. This can include cash, meals, accommodations, travel, adventures.  It is basically limitless. When a contest is posted live, we will invite all our current sponsors to pledge prizes.

But you can sweeten the pot and make some money by recruiting sponsors to participate.

When you get a sponsor for a contest, we will pay you 40% of any money that is pledged.

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