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Love to travel? So do WE!!

We work for a major US airline, affectionately referring to ourselves as “Travel Junkies” whilst cruising the skies on a regular basis. We see the world, the landmarks, the people, the cuisine, and the culture of the entire world, something which intrigues and excites us in equal measure. However, we are not alone. Millions of people long for these same experiences every year, wishing to get a glimpse of it all for themselves.

But in a world which is so interconnected and abundant in transportation technology, one’s potential destinations are becoming more and more limitless as times goes on. Although this variety of choice is great, it makes it hard to narrow down one’s options. This is where YOU come in, as you use your personal experience to advise your fellow travelers on what to visit and what to miss!

We’ve spent years talking to our fellow travel workers, saying that we were going to create a website which shared everyone’s travel adventures and hidden gems around the globe. Well, finally, we went and did it!

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Where will you LAND?

Having worked in the travel industry, we are not naïve with regards to people’s destination decisions. Oftentimes, the price and/or convenience of the air journey will decide a destination for you. However, even if you’re heading to the cheapest region you can find, we still believe that everywhere has value. We want you to share your destination’s hidden gems and amazing secrets, allowing future travelers to enhance their travels too.

Sometimes, however, you may visit a specific destination which you have dreamed of visiting for an extended period of time. You may be planning your dream vacation with military precision, ensuring that not a single moment is wasted. While planning your dream getaway, we want insights and insider information in order to inform our decisions and discover even more hidden gems.