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Inverness & Region, Scotland - Travel Guide

Inverness is known as the capital of the Highlands and is the northernmost city in Scotland. Inverness itself is a very pleasant, small city and we found that there were several interesting things to see here, but most visitors find that it…
Ghent, Belgium - Travel
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Ghent, Belgium - Travel Guide

Ghent is a university city, with an interesting history stretching back into the Medieval period. Being only a 30-minute rail journey from Brussels, where we were based, Ghent was an ideal day trip for us. The city centre and its main attractions are close together, easily accessible by foot, making a tour of Ghent quite comfortable within a day.
Antwerp, Belgium - Travel
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Antwerp, Belgium - Travel Guide

Antwerp Guide Antwerp is perhaps best known as a busy port or as a commercial city, especially in the trade of diamonds. Overshadowed by its more popular Belgian neighbors of Bruges, Ghent or Brussels, we were, however, pleasantly surprised…


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Bruges, Belgium - Travel Guide

With a network of canals and cobbled streets that connect the various markets, the historic center is ideal for spending a day in Bruges. The medieval city is not only a feast for the camera of the tourists, but the many sights in Bruges make…

Warsaw Poland – Travel Guide

When we visited Warsaw in 2016, we were initially attracted by the cheap flights and accommodation. We didn’t quite know what to expect from this survivor of the Communist era but thought it worth the risk. It didn’t take us long, however,…