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  • Do you have enough spare cash for your next travel adventure?
  • Would you like to share your travel experiences with others?
  • What if sharing your travel experiences could help pay for your next trip?

What is getting in the way of your adventures?

High cost?

Being self-professed Travel Junkies we know how expensive travel can be.

Need for Inside Knowledge

When visiting unique places, insider knowledge from experienced travelers is valuable.

How many times have you traveled and thought if only I knew about a certain airport tip, or a hidden gem restaurant, or how to avoid the crowds, etc.,  I would do things differently the next time.

We can help you solve these problems.

First – Let’s put some money in your pocket so you can travel more.

Second – Get started sharing your rich experiences with our Travel Guides.  Impart travel tips you have discovered with other Travel Junkies like yourself.

Welcome to StandByAdventures Contests  

StandByAdventures Contests are designed to reward good Travel Guides, provide travel tips to fellow Travel Junkies and put some money in your pocket.

The contests are easy to join, and you can even suggest a contest for us to host. A contest can be anything you desire, such as best travel guide for a destination, best travel video, photo contest. Your imagination is the limit!

Get started by Signing up and Creating a Travel Post!

To win you must enter and when you win you will receive everything the sponsors have pledged for that contest. This can be in the form of cash, accommodations, meals, travel. Again there is no limit to the possibilities.

Join US!

To enter or suggest a contest is easy, all you have to do is:

  • Be a member of StandbyAdventures in good standing
  • Post a Travel Guide of at least 2000 words (all guides must be unique content)
    • Guides can be for any destination or travel tips you wish but we suggest they include: off the beaten path restaurants, lodging, travel, adventures, fun excursions and tips that are not easily Googled
  • Include at least 8 images (you must have rights to distribute all images)
    • Use descriptive images that help tell the story

What do I win?

The grand prize award includes everything that sponsors have pledged for that contest. This can include cash, meals, accommodations, travel, adventures.  It is basically limitless. When a contest is posted live, we will invite all our current sponsors to pledge prizes.

But you can sweeten the pot and make some money by recruiting sponsors to participate.

When you get a sponsor for a contest, we will pay you 40% of any money that is pledged.


How do I win?

Results are based on:

  • 40% – Social Media votes
    • the total number of Social Media interactions to the Travel Guide
  • 30% – Other contest participants’ votes
    • you can vote on other travel guides in the contest, just not your own
  • 30% – 3 StandbyAdventures judges

3 judges will be picked at random.  You can apply to judge, as long as it is not a contest you have entered

What is in it for the Sponsor?

Sponsors can choose their own level of involvement and exposure.

We have multiple packages with varying degrees of exposure for the sponsor that include direct links, full page information guides, geo targeted maps, and newsletter inclusion.

All Sponsors will enjoy benefits.

  • All contests are archived and the Sponsor’s link, information, and image will remain there forever
  • Sponsors get exposure from all Social Media links shared by the contest
  • Links and references are shared in submitted in Travel Guides
  • Sponsors are highlighted and showcased on our sponsor page

Let’s consider this scenario.

You visit the most exotic place in Italy or enjoy a sumptuous meal at a not-so-popular but a delicious restaurant in France.  That’s a new discovery, right?

From the restaurant chef’s perspective, he’s expecting you to spread the word as a compliment for his service. He hopes or expects more customers to visit him. Unfortunately, word of mouth is slow.

You mention this restaurant in the travel guide you make. You approach the restaurant asking if they would like their restaurant to be shared on the website. They agree when they learn that StandbyAdventures has many visitors browsing its guides.

They give their consent, sponsor the contest and pay the fee to enter. Then you get paid!

If the sponsor wins the contest, you win again and get double payback.  This is how you earn travel money. It’s easy!

Get started now.

If this sounds like a great way to earn extra money for travel and share your own experiences, contact us today to join StandbyAdventures and become eligible to enter our contests.

We are always interested in hearing from our fellow Travel Junkies. Let us know what you think!

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** Funds pledged by sponsor
40% to user
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