Turin, Italy – Travel Guide

Turin, Italy - Travel Guide Turin is a prosperous industrial city in shadow of the Alps and is perhaps more ...
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Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan – Travel Guide

Lower Manhattan Guide Manhattan is a relatively small island, but is absolutely packed with interesting attractions and sites. So how ...
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Sutherland, Scotland

Sutherland, Scotland – Travel Guide

Sutherland is the most North Westerly area of Scotland and this sparsely populated historic county has arguably the most dramatic ...
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Venice Beach

Santa Monica and Venice Beach, California – Travel Guide

When visiting Los Angeles, we knew while planning our itinerary that we would have to make a trip to the ...
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Seoul Travel Guide

See Seoul Like You Live There The quirky megapolis of Seoul is my personal favorite, and for many reasons. If ...
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Inverness & Region, Scotland – Travel Guide

Inverness is known as the capital of the Highlands and is the northernmost city in Scotland. Inverness itself is a ...
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Ghent, Belgium - Travel Guide

Ghent, Belgium – Travel Guide

Ghent is a university city, with an interesting history stretching back into the Medieval period. Being only a 30-minute rail ...
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Antwerp, Belgium - Travel Guide

Antwerp, Belgium – Travel Guide

Antwerp Guide Antwerp is perhaps best known as a busy port or as a commercial city, especially in the trade ...
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Zamość, Poland – Travel Guide

Initially we were unaware of the delights of Zamość, but a travel colleague of ours who specialises in visiting UNESCO ...
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Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia – Travel Guide

Riga Guide To be honest, if it was not for the budget airfares of Baltic Air, Riga would not have ...
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Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium – Travel Guide

It is often said that Belgium is in the heart of Europe, but little did we expect that we would ...
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Stockholm, Sweden -Travel Guide

Stockholm - a visitor’s guide Stockholm is the capital and largest city in Sweden. The entire urban area has about ...
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Oslo, Norway – Travel Guide

Visiting Oslo - a guide to the Norwegian capital The Norwegian capital Oslo, which was called Christiania or Kristiania a ...
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Budapest, Hungary – Travel Guide

Budapest - a comprehensive city guide Budapest is the capital of Hungary and with 1.7 million inhabitants the largest city ...
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Puerto-Madero-Buenos Aires-Argentina

Buenos Aires – Travel Guide

A city guide to Buenos Aires In Buenos Aires you dance the tango, visit your football club Boca Juniors in ...
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Berlin, Germany – Travel Guide

Berlin - a full visitor’s guide The German capital Berlin is an unique city because of its history, in which ...
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Zermatt Switzerland

Zermatt, Switzerland – Travel Guide

Zermatt - Complete guide for visiting the mountaineering village Zermatt has received the label of ‘mondain ski resort’. Reason is ...
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Vancouver Canada

Vancouver, Canada – Travel Guide

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The shimmering lights of the towering skyscrapers contrast beautifully ...
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Wroclaw Poland

Wrocław, Poland – Travel Guide

Wroclaw Poland The first thing any visitor will want to do when arriving in Wrocław is to learn how to ...
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Glasgow Scotland

Glasgow, Scotland – Travel Guide

Glasgow, Scotland The largest city in Scotland, Glasgow is often overlooked by the traveller in favour of its more famous ...
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Prager Wildsee

Trekking in the Dolomites – Travel Guide

Trekking in the Dolomites My first encounter with the Italian Dolomites was as a young teenager on a family European ...
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Amsterdam, Netherlands – Travel Guide

Amsterdam, Netherlands The "Venice of North“, as they call the capital of Netherlands, is a place that really differs from ...
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Warsaw Poland Standby Adventures Travel Guide

Warsaw Poland – Travel Guide

When we visited Warsaw in 2016, we were initially attracted by the cheap flights and accommodation. We didn’t quite know ...
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Edinburgh-Scotland-Travel Guide

Edinburgh Scotland – Travel Guide

Edinburgh Scotland - Travel Guide Edinburgh may have been called ‘Auld Reekie’ (old smoky) in the past, but the capital ...
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Lisbon, Portugal Travel Guide

Lisbon It was lovely arriving in Lisbon, the flyover the city is beautiful. It was our first experience booking an ...
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Beijing, China – Travel Guide

Many people told me it is not easy traveling in China and I should definitely go with a travel agency ...
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The Maldives – Travel Guide

The Maldives Calm beaches, long white stretches of sand, sunny days, a million shades of blue, rich underwater life, paradise… ...
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Jersey, Channel Islands – Travel Guide

Jersey, Channel Islands - Travel Guide With my wife Pamela having been born in New Jersey, U.S., she was very ...
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Cambodia – Travel Guide

Cambodia is a country with great spirited people.  It is dirt cheap and lots to do and is boiling hot ...
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Tokyo – Travel Guide

A Trip Guide for Tokyo You have 2-3 days to see one of the most amazing cities in the world ...
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Bruges, Belgium – Travel Guide

With a network of canals and cobbled streets that connect the various markets, the historic center is ideal for spending ...
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Reykjavík Iceland – Travel Guide

Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, is the country's capital and largest city. It's home to the National and Saga ...
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Georgia – Travel Guide

Georgia Georgia is perhaps one of the most unusual and strange countries you could tell someone you're going to. The ...
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Paris France – Travel Guide

Paris has been called the City of Love and of Romance, and it is easy to see why. The city’s ...
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Steamboat Springs, CO – Travel Guide

Steamboat Springs, CO Think skiers in cowboy hats and you'll have a pretty good mental picture of Steamboat Springs in ...
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